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I Stefanini

I Stefanini winery is a new phenomenon of the Soave region in Italy. It was established in 2003, but its roots are ancient and based on a passion for the cultivation of wines. The Tessari family indeed has been engaged in agriculture and wine making since 1800. The origin of the name ‘I Stefanini’ comes from an ancestor, named Stefano, in the Tessari family. Now, when spoke of, the vineyard ‘Stefanini’ is a trademark of deep history and quality. Currently, the winery is still managed by the Tessari family. Francesco Tessari owns the farm in the beautiful Valle d’Alpone, ten minutes from the beautiful medieval castle of Soave.

Today the estate encompasses 20 hectares, half of which are planted with grape vines. Valentino Tessari, father of Francesco, manages the vineyards, while Francesco crafts the wines in a decidedly traditional manner. Presently, the techniques of cultivating the vines while respecting the land, and exalting the quality of the product encompass the current agronomic methodology. The Stefanini wines, in accordance with traditional winemaking techniques of Soave, are not aged in oak barrels, but in carefully lined tanks made of stainless steel.

Francesco Tessari is one of the only producers who has launched the concept of a high quality Soave wine, capable of offering a rich fleshiness without losing its drinkability or fragrance. He effectively controls yields in the vineyard, even for his simplest wines, which is coupled with an intermittent search for maturity, which allows for the production of only the most ambitious labels of the highest quality vintage. The result is a fresh and fruity wine, which continues to gain top scores in all major wine guides and current reviews.


Monte Di Fice Soave Classico Superiore DOCG
Monte De Toni Soave Classico DOC
Il Selese Soave DOC