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Distilleria Sibona

Sibona is situated in the Roero zone, in the communal district of Piboesi d’Alba, a few ­miles from Alba. It was founded approximately one hundred years ago on the former premise of an old kiln. The distillery is located in the center of an important wine zone, where the most typical vines of Piedmont are cultivated: Nebbiolo from Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero wines are created according to their own zones of production, as well as, Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, ­Chardonnay, Arneis and Brachetto.

Sibona is one of the historical distilleries in the Piedmont region and can boast the oldest distillation license, the No.1, issue by UTF, the official institution that regulates all of the operations associated with distilleries. This represents a rich history of greatness and prestige. Sibona distillery has always handcrafted its grappas from single varieties. The ­distillation process consists of vapor production from fresh marc soon after it arrives in the distillery. Originally, distillation was carried out by means of an old locomotive, which, in time, gave way to copper alembics. The marc is immediately distilled, allowing the extraction of the grapes’ full aromas.

In addition to the selection of the best of the zone, Sibona’s grappas reach high quality levels as a result of accurate distillation, and consistent updating and improvement of equipment. The experience of two oenologists who have been working in distillation for decades, and the elimination of the first and last portions of the distillates also plays a significant role in the creation of this high quality grappa.

Furthermore, it is aged for a long period in barrels which renders the grappas not only soft and pleasant, but also more complex and aromatized.

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