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The winery was founded by Luigi Togn, a very young wine-maker and a new-starter in facing a local market already sparkling with prestigious winery names. Yet he could count on the experience gained from the Togn generations, who have always been accustomed to making good wine and to seeking excellence in grapes and casks, and backed by the historic tradition which has turned Roverè della Luna into a small wine capital.

The first Togn members officially documented date back to the 18th century. They were miners from Faedo - or “canopi”, as they are called here - like many others in Trentino. In Faedo they used to dig for silver, but in the early 19th century they moved to Roverè della Luna, bringing with them the passion for precious stuff. The story of Gaierhof sounds like a fairy-tale, but it proves deeply rooted into facts, when Luigi Togn, following his father’s steps, started selling loose wine, as the market demanded in Trentino at the time. The favour of his customs led him to bottle it, and that favour turned into success. Bottling wiped out the anonymity, which marked Gaierhof with loose wine selling, and the name started becoming popular among wine connoisseurs.

Today, as witness to a young but already important winery, Gaierhof is an internationally renowned label, especially in Italy and Germany, as well as in England and the United States - in other words, wherever quality is more important than marketing. Luigi Togn, the founder, is still at the helm but no longer alone, today he is supported by his daughters Romina, Valentina and Martina and by his son-in-law, a wine specialist. Among their properties are the Valdadige Gaierhof and Lechthaler wineries, and the standard-bearer Maso Poli.


Siris Trento DOC