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Monterufoli winery is part of Tenute del Cerro SpA, the Wine Company of Gruppo Unipol, one the biggest European Insurance Company. Tenute del Cerro represents today the fulfillment of a great wine project, which considers agriculture in its best meaning, with a great focus on nature and on its best local expressions, with the aim to enhance the features to produce some of the most Italian excellence, appreciated in the world. Monterufoli, near the town of Pisa, seems to come out from the dream of the most romantic environmentalist.

Over a thousand hectares of uncontaminated natural surroundings, secular trees, thermal springs, vineyards by which Vermentino di Toscana IGT and Val di Cornia DOC are produced. The estate was originally an ancient deposit of a magnesite and lignite mine, until 1929 it was the station for the mine trains. Once in the past, Ugolino Della Gherardesca, mentioned in Dante’s “Divina Commedia”, was the owner of these places.The estate extends over 1030 Ha of land, of which 800 Ha are coppiced and Mediterranean brush, 213 Ha pasture and grain farming, 1 Ha olive groves, and 16 Ha vineyards.

The winery is located in Canneto di Monteverdi Marittimo, in a wonderful location, 35 km from the Tyrrhenian coast, and inside the Monterufoli’s Natural Reserve. Monterufoli is also a beautiful farmhouse. As part of Villetta di Monterufoli there are the main body called “The Mine”, the Stables and the Home Guard. The Mine, built of stone and brick, is composed by the ground floor (the reception) with a large lounge - restaurant with tiled floor and a central fireplace. Standard rooms are located on the first floor, as well as the Tower Suite and “The Miner apartment” with kitchen.


Pian di Seta Vermentino di Toscana IGT
Poggio Miniera Val di Cornia Rosso DOC