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Friuli Venezia Giulia
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A life-long family passion, the Luisa estate began more than 80 years ago when Francesco Luisa, left a widower at only 37 years old and with six children to raise, had the foresight and the grit to purchase12 acres of land. Here starts the saga of the Luisas of Corona carried on by his son Delciso. Delciso’s son, Eddi, began working at the estate when he was only 13 years old and continues to be a presence there today with the help of his children, Michele and Davide. Together, these two generations continue to seek innovation while respecting and emphasizing the character of the terroir, itself. Unlike many of its much smaller neighbors, the Luisa estate consists of 210 acres of vineyards in the Corona area of the Isonzo DOC. This largely gravel plateau was created by the erosion of melting Alpine glaciers. The soil is characteristically rich in minerals, especially aluminium and iron, giving the wines of the area a unique flavor that stays faithful to its terroir of origin. This unique area is bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the south and the Carnic Alps to the north, which allows the vineyards to benefit from the confluence of winds: the Bora, a cold, stinging easterly wind and the Scirocco, a warmer and more humid wind, coming from the sea. The Bora, in particular, favors a slow, but constant maturation, producing grapes that are more concentrated and better balanced, with richer flavors and aromas. Luisa celebrates the distinct personality of this microclimate by concentrating on single varietal wines that showcase all the potential of each varietal without the distraction of blending or oak aging.


Pinot Grigio Isonzo del Friuli DOC
Friulano Isonzo del Friuli DOC
Ribolla Gialla Venezia Giulia IGT
Sauvignon Blanc Isonzo del Friuli DOC
I Ferretti Friulano Isonzo del Friuli DOC
Merlot Isonzo del Friuli DOC
Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso Isonzo del Friuli DOC
Cabernet Franc Isonzo del Friuli DOC