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Bodega NQN

NQN is an absolute showcase property and the vanguard of the next generation of producers in Argentina.  The winery is a technical marvel with complete modern technology available to the winemaking team.

The winery itself, is buried into the earth (ala opus one) to best maintain the humidity and the temperature necessary for making world class wines.  Owners Luis Maria Focaccia and Lucas Nemesio have rolled the dice as pioneers in the rapidly growing wine region of Patagonia.  Over Ten Million Dollars have been invested in this property, which is an unheard of sum for an Argentine winery start-up.  

An empty river valley just a few short years ago, the San Patricio del Chanar Valley was identified as an ideal locale with the combination of soil, available water, which is always a challenge in this desert with almost no annual rainfall, and climate.  Several intrepid entrepreneurs began to develop this site as an eventual rival to Mendoza producing world class wines in Argentina.  The vineyards of NQN are laid out in a block system with each block varying slightly.

Different clones, rootstocks and the vine spacings allow a great deal of complexity in the final blends.  A very high percentage of the wines at NQN see time in oak.  The complexity and concentration of our wines are quite impressive.  The future shines brightly for NQN.  

Patagonia Picada 15 Chardonnay
Patagonia Malma Cabernet Sauvignon
Patagonia Malma Finca La Papay Malbec
Patagonia Picada 15 Cabernet Sauvignon
Malbec Blend Universo Patagonia
Malma Finca La Papay Pinot Noir
Picada 15 Malbec