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Árvero Limoncello

Established in 1996, the Nastro D’oro distillery produces the typical liqueurs of the ­Sorrento Peninsula. The quality of the handcrafted products is sustained through the careful selection of natural ingredients and the authenticity of the traditional recipes. Árvero is produced and bottled in the surroundings of the picturesque Massa Lubrense (NA). A true Árvero has its roots in the peninsula bordering the south of the Gulf of Naples. There, thanks to the wit and wisdom of the locals, the original home-made ­limoncello has been mastered and enjoyed for centuries. Árvero limoncello is prepared following the original methods by using the zest of selected lemons that have outstanding and unique organoleptic properties. While not certified organic, the lemons that give this liqueur its distinct profile are cultivated using an organic ideology.


Árvero Limoncello Liqueur